New toll rates in Panama Canal

From April first, it took effect new toll rates in Panama Canal. Meanwhile, shipping lines ask to cancel tariffs on food products transshipment.

In reformulating the the container vessel component, an estimated panamax with range from 1.000 to 3.500 TEUs (20-foot) you would be paying a fee for maximum capacity (TTA) of $ 60 per TEU with cargo transported from $ 30.

As for the neopanamax transiting the expanded Canal in the category of 6.000 to 12,000 TEUs, they would be paying a fee for maximum capacity (TTA) of $ 60 to $ 50. Meanwhile, the rate per TEU with cargo carried, would pay $ 40 to $ 35, depending on the capacity.

A loyalty program is also established for containerships into four categories on the basis of volumes TEUs maximum capacity deployed by customers.

Shipping companies complain for new toll on the Panama Canal

Moreover, the unionized shipping lines in Panama Maritime Chamber (CMP) they declared themselves on alert and made a statement call to the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (Aupsa) for “reflection”, after this became official last March 18th publication of the decree with new tariffs.

According to the CMP, this announcement would represent “a sudden increase of up to 48% on the costs of transshipment route for the Panama food products from April 1, 2016”.

“If we allow this increase, jobs could be lost, the competitiveness of the route would be affected compared to other logistics centers and other sectors would suffer guild as suppliers of ships, among others” emphasized the CMP.

Panama Maritime Chamber emphasizes “This shows the serious situation the maritime and logistics industry is experiencing right now.”

The president of the Maritime Chamber, Vikash Deepak lamented the measure and said that “the country needs right now make the Panama route more attractive.” “We also wish to become a Hub Food and it makes very little sense that the State decides precisely at this time to impose a measure inconsistent with these purposes, “noted Deepak.

Source: Panama America, Day to Day; Panama

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